A Room Full of Bones

A Room Full of Bones Combine a splash of Alan Bradley with a pinch of Kathy Reichs and you have a gripping new Ruth Galloway Mystery a good hearted mystery series with a dark edge Set in Norfolk England A Room Full of B

  • Title: A Room Full of Bones
  • Author: Elly Griffiths
  • ISBN: 9780771036033
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback
  • Combine a splash of Alan Bradley with a pinch of Kathy Reichs and you have a gripping new Ruth Galloway Mystery a good hearted mystery series with a dark edge Set in Norfolk, England, A Room Full of Bones embroils, once again, our brainy heroine in a crime tinged by occult forces On Halloween night, the Smith Museum in King s Lynn is preparing for an unusual event Combine a splash of Alan Bradley with a pinch of Kathy Reichs and you have a gripping new Ruth Galloway Mystery a good hearted mystery series with a dark edge Set in Norfolk, England, A Room Full of Bones embroils, once again, our brainy heroine in a crime tinged by occult forces On Halloween night, the Smith Museum in King s Lynn is preparing for an unusual event the opening of a coffin containing the bones of a medieval bishop But when forensic archaelogist Ruth Galloway arrives to supervise, she finds the curator, Neil Topham, dead beside the coffin Topham s death seems to be related to other uncanny incidents, including the arcane and suspect methods of a group called the Elginists, which aims to repatriate the museum s extensive collection of Aborigine skulls the untimely demise of the museum s owner, Lord Smith and the sudden illness of DCI Harry Nelson, who Ruth s friend Cathbad believes is lost in The Dreaming a hallucinogenic state central to some Indigenous Australian beliefs Tensions build as Nelson s life hangs in the balance Something must be done to set matters right and lift Nelson out of the clutches of death, but will Ruth be able to muster herself out of a state of guilt and foreboding in order to do what she does best

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      Elly Griffiths Ruth Galloway novels take for their inspiration Elly s husband, who gave up a city job to train as an archaeologist, and her aunt who lives on the Norfolk coast and who filled her niece s head with the myths and legends of that area Elly has two children and lives near Brighton Though not her first novel, The Crossing Places is her first crime novel.

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    1. Well, Elly Griffiths, this is starting to be really repetitive. Ruth is depressed and overweight and she doesn't feel she's a good mother and she loves the depressing saltmarsh where she lives and she likes her job and blah blah. Yes, we get it. Nelson is a tough working-class northern guy, and blah blah blah. We get that too, we heard it all before (about three times in three other books, in fact) with exactly the same words you used in this book. If you can't find an original way to give infor [...]

    2. This is the fourth book in the Ruth Galloway series. It felt to me like this is the weakest so far. The first half of the book includes much discussion of the exploration of Australia, the ravaging of Aboriginal holy relics, and efforts for the repatriation of human remains. I think this was just sort of interesting, too long, and delayed the "meat" of the book. The pace eventually picks up in the second half when the owner of a museum and horse racing stable dies, Nelson falls deathly ill, Ruth [...]

    3. I have read and enjoyed the first three books in this series by Elly Griffiths, about forensic archeologist Dr Ruth Galloway. But this one was a disappointment. The storyline is ridiculous, the characters are stereotypes who behave in the silliest of ways, the writing is clunky and the pace is sluggish. It simply doesn't live up to its predecessors. If you're wondering if you need to have read the other books in the series, the answer is no: however if you haven't read them, they're better books [...]

    4. Once again, it obviously doesn’t require much brain power to realise that if you are going to dip your toes into a series of crime novels about archaeologist, Ruth Galloway, number four isn’t the best place to start. Oh well, it was the one the library had and so here we are. Actually the adventures of Ruth, her druid friend, Cathbad, and her one time lover, DCI Harry Nelson (the former two seem, bizarrely, to be involved in all the latter’s cases) read more like a soap-opera than crime fi [...]

    5. This fourth book in the Dr Ruth Galloway series is once again a hugely satisfying affair which manages to combine a well constructed mystery with another slice of personal drama in the lives of the quirky cast who surround our forensic archaeologist. Despite the third novel ending with a cliffhanger, A Room Full of Bones starts with a typically humorous episode as Ruth rushes round the King's Lynn branch of Somerfield frantically shopping for Kate's first birthday party the following day. She ha [...]

    6. I'm getting increasingly irritated with this series. I was lying awake last night trying to work out why and it suddenly occurred to me that perhaps the author never actually intended it to be a series. The first book had something a bit special with interesting characters and a strong sense of place. But then the second book didn't progress anything from that, nor the thirdThis is the fourth now, and if I read one more time about the wood henge on the Saltmarsh being moved, or Cathbad protestin [...]

    7. This is the fourth novel in the very enjoyable series featuring forensic archaeologist Dr Ruth Galloway and, for me, the most intricately plotted and exciting one I've read so far. As well as the highly likeable Ruth, it features the other familiar characters from the previous books such as DCI Harry Nelson, Cathbad the druid etc.There are two intersecting plotlines in this novel. The first concerning a couple of suspicious deaths relating to a museum which has a collection of Australian Aborigi [...]

    8. I'm always pleased to hear that another Elly Griffiths novel is on its way and no less this time. The mystery was a little different in this outing, with Ruth, the forensic archaeologist, more removed from the central action than in prior books. But she is very involved with the central characters and these novels are as much about the characters as the mystery.The story involves a small, local museum and the planned opening of a recently unearthed casket of a medieval bishop. Moving on from thi [...]

    9. A Room Full of Bones by Elly Griffiths.This, in my opinion, was a riveting smash hit. The best entry in this marvelous series.A coffin containing the remains of Bishop Augustine Smith is being moved into the Smith Museum from its original burial place outside the walls of St. Mary's Church. In the past the Bishop was thought to have been buried inside Norwich Cathedral. Lord Danforth Smith couldn't be more pleased to welcome his long deceased ancestor to his museum but it seems he is alone with [...]

    10. I really like this series. Ruth is such an unique character and her supporting characters are interesting in their own right. This one does not really involve Ruth's skills as a forensic archeologist but two different mysteries twine themselves throughout the story. Kate, Ruth's daughter, is one now and is starting to develop a personality. The story involves a misplaced casket of a medieval bishop who has some surprising secrets. These secrets push Nelson and Ruth to a new dimension in their re [...]

    11. This is the fourth Ruth Galloway novel in this excellent crime series set in Norfolk. Ruth is an archaeologist who sometimes helps the Police in cases where old bones are found. In this case, she is called in to supervise the opening of a medieval coffin at a local museum. But when she arrives there, she finds the curator of the museum lying dead beside it. The museum is also at the centre of a controversy about pillaged bones of aborigines and a call for them to be repatriated. Add to the mix s [...]

    12. First Line: The coffin is definitely a health and safety hazard.The coffin in question belongs to a medieval bishop named Augustine who is dug up when the site of his burial is scheduled to be turned into a huge grocery store. Despite all the warnings Augustine gave about leaving his remains alone, a small "unveiling" is scheduled in the Smith Museum, presently owned by one of Augustine's descendants. Forensic archaeologist Dr. Ruth Galloway has been asked to preside over the opening of the coff [...]

    13. First Sentence: The coffin is definitely a health and safety hazard.Professor and forensic archeologist Ruth Galloway arrives at a family-owned museum to supervise the opening of the family’s ancestor, a medieval bishop. Instead, she finds the body of the museum curator dead of an apparent heart attack. His death is followed by that of the Museum owner and owner of a horse-training stable, who had received threatening letters regarding the repatriation of Aboriginal skulls to an Australian rep [...]

    14. This latest in the Ruth Galloway mystery series started out okay but then fizzled out. I think the worst part was when all sense was abandoned and one drug tripping hippie type entered the dreams of a friend who was lying in hospital close to dying from a deadly spore he inhaled while standing too near a coffin being opened after a few hundred years. Really? I have been waiting for the series to offer up a little more forensics archeology (that's what the main character supposedly does for a liv [...]

    15. A Room Full of Bones is the fourth book by Elly Griffiths featuring forensic archaeologist Dr Ruth Galloway and Norfolk Detective Chief Inspector Harry Nelson. Griffiths manages to leave the end of each book, if not on a cliffhanger, with enough suspense that you are always keen to see what happens next. The last book The House at Sea’s End had Michelle, the glamorous wife of DCI Harry Nelson beginning to suspect that Ruth’s infant daughter with an unnamed father is her husband’s child. Ho [...]

    16. A couple of years ago, I picked up the inaugural book in this series, The Crossing Series, for our local library adult reading group. The series features Ruth Galloway, an overweight, introverted forensic anthropologist and archaeology teacher at a local university. The series is set in a seaside area not far from Brighton. This is the fourth book in the series. Ruth will soon be celebrating Kate's birthday. Kate is nearly a year old now and, of course, has changed Ruth's life completely. Kate i [...]

    17. A Room Full Of BonesbyElly GriffthsMy " in a nutshell" summaryRuth, Kate, Nelsone not allowed to see each other.  Nelson and Ruth are sort of involved due to the nature of the crimeRuth is doing her best to raise Kate without any visits or help from Nelsonwho is Kate's father.   In this novel's all about the bones and heads and Aboriginal skulls that are not where they belong.  My thoughts after reading this bookThat above summary sounds confusing.n't itbut the thing about these books is that [...]

    18. Read my full review: bit/S6rfrkMy opinion: Lovers of Kathy Reich's will enjoy this British archaeologist who gets into as much trouble as Temperance Brennan, but is much more approachable and imperfect than her American counterpart. In general, I feel that the writing of Ms. Griffiths is much more approachable than Ms. Reich's current releases. The books still have the feeling of being fresh and the characters not worn out. Furthermore, I enjoy the characters of this book. As stated previously, [...]

    19. A Room Full of Bones by Elly GriffithsPublished 2012, Houghton Mifflin HarcourtStars: ★★★★☆ (3.5)Review also posted at: Slapdash & Sundry3.5 starsI'm having a hard time deciding just what to rate this between 3 and 4 stars, so I'm going to settle on 3.5 stars.Storywise, I feel like it was a pretty week entry in the series. There were a LOT of plot strings in this one, and while it's nice that they all didn't end up being the same culprit/storyline, they made for a tangled mess at c [...]

    20. Much awaited return of of Ruth Galloway, the fourth in an excellent series set in Norfolk. Familiar characters return and perhaps are to over written to bring the reader up to speed. As a result I feel the first part of the book drags and is in danger of becoming becalmed.However it remains faithful to its characters and advances their stories along seamlessly perhaps with a nod to a television seriesere is a good mystery / thriller in here somewhere and it is beautifully crafted into the conclu [...]

    21. I enjoyed this novel even more than the previous ones. There was plenty going on all the time - murders and legends, Aboriginal rites, animal rights attacks and international drug smuggling - and it kept me guessing almost to the end. This is one of those series that gets better and better. I'm a horselover, so I found the action in the racehorse stables very interesting in this one. And I love Cathbad, the weird druid; what a great quirky character!

    22. Griffiths serie om Ruth blir bara bättre och bättre. Jag älskar karaktärerna och den komplicerade relationen mellan Ruth och Nelson. Tycker också om sättet som Elly Griffiths skriver på. Länk till recensionen: ewelinasbokblogg/2

    23. Another in the Ruth Galloway series and as you can see from the 3 stars, not my favorite. But still, any Ruth Galloway mystery is far and above better than most mystery series so I'll take it.

    24. I actually enjoyed the Ruth/Nelson/Max sub plots more than the main story but I am really enjoying this setting and Ruth's strong character. On to book #5!

    25. I enjoyed this one more than number three in the series. The newly introduced characters had more presence to them this time. I liked what the author did with the relationship between the two main characters and the new facets of the supporting recurring characters. They're really settling in to feel familiar and reliable. The ambiguity between the 'spiritual' solution and the 'scientific' solution was neatly handled with no arch commentary one way or the other. The story also touched on some in [...]

    26. Kate is going to be a year old as of November1, 2009 and her mother, Doctor Ruth Galloway, is keenly aware that in all likelihood she is failing at motherhood across the board. It is one thing to be head of Forensic Archelogy at the University of North Norfolk. It is quite another thing to raise a child as a single parent. In addition to everything else the overwhelmed mother is doing, she was talked into having a birthday party for Kate. That means she is desperately racing though the market tr [...]

    27. Another very good read in this series. The coffin of a medieval bishop has been found which leads to deaths and curses, all mixed up with dodgy goings on at a horse racing stable.All the familiar characters are here: Ruth, Kate, Nelson and Cathbad to name but a few. I'm not sure about Max yet, perhaps he'll grow on me. I've got the free story 'Ruth's First Christmas Tree' ready on my Kindle to read next.

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