My Soul Cries Out

My Soul Cries Out Monica Harris Day s perfect world begins a downward spiral the afternoon she comes home to find her husband in bed with another man After confronting Kevin her husband of two years Monica discovers

  • Title: My Soul Cries Out
  • Author: Sherri L. Lewis
  • ISBN: 9781893196971
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Paperback
  • Monica Harris Day s perfect world begins a downward spiral the afternoon she comes home to find her husband in bed with another man After confronting Kevin, her husband of two years, Monica discovers he s had a lifelong struggle with homosexuality that began at the age of ten after he was molested by a deacon in the church.For years, Kevin has sought deliverance, cryinMonica Harris Day s perfect world begins a downward spiral the afternoon she comes home to find her husband in bed with another man After confronting Kevin, her husband of two years, Monica discovers he s had a lifelong struggle with homosexuality that began at the age of ten after he was molested by a deacon in the church.For years, Kevin has sought deliverance, crying out to God to make him straight He explains his deceit by saying that he thought he had truly been delivered when he married Monica, but was afraid to share his past with her for fear she wouldn t marry him Kevin begs Monica s forgiveness and wants to save their marriage He is convinced that God has indeed delivered him from the spirit of homosexuality and that the one time mistake was just his past coming back to haunt him.Their pastor offers them marital counseling, but Monica suspects he s really concerned about maintaining his mega ministry The church has grown to 10,000 members since Kevin became the minister of music When the pastor swears them to secrecy and urges Monica to stay in the marriage, she thinks Bishop Walker isn t willing to risk the potential scandal and church split that would be caused if the truth were leaked to the congregation.My Soul Cries Out is a compassionate look at the issue of Christians struggling with homosexuality and the redemptive power of God to bring deliverance.

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      Sherri L. Lewis Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the My Soul Cries Out book, this is one of the most wanted Sherri L. Lewis author readers around the world.

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    1. Review for My Soul Cries Out by Sherri L. LewisOh my goodness! This book grabbed my attention and hooked me in the first chapter just like a great book should. I love Christian Fiction but Sherri L. Lewis exceeded my expectation. I love how she boldly addressed a topic that many people dare not approach. She introduced supporting characters who had lives of their own that were interesting enough to enrich the story line yet respecting the main characters’ roles and allowing them to shine while [...]

    2. To Mend A Broken HeartKevin and Monica met while in the church. They dated for two years and have been happily married for two years. They tell each other everything, well, not everything. Kevin has had a secret for years. One day Monica comes home unexpectedly and finds him in bed with another man! Secrets out! Searching for help in dealing with her recent revelations, Monica reaches out to their minister, Bishop Walker. In talking to Bishop Walker, Monica learns that the minister wasn't SURPRI [...]

    3. I have a heart for Sherri Lewis' writing and her way of weaving a message through her stories. I never hesitate to pick up her book because I know I'll enjoy it, receive a message and be inspired by her.

    4. 3.5 stars. "The worst day of my life was the day I caught my husband cheating on me."That alone would be enough to throw even a strong woman into a tailspin. But the fact that Monica Harris-Day finds her worship-leader husband cheating with another man is an even greater shock. How could she have been so blind and not seen the signs? Should she divorce him on the spot? And why is their mega-church pastor so quick to look the other way?Monica faces an emotional tempest in My Soul Cries Out. As a [...]

    5. My Soul Cries Out is a powerful redemption story about Monica and Kevin that on more than one occasion moved me to tears. I loved how the author wasn't afraid to tell it like it is when it came to internal thoughts, especially the skank ho references to certain women. Hilarious! The author masterfully wrote about Monica's rage the way it might really happen and didn't soften the issues for fear of offending the reader. This is real life trauma and heartache! Monica was a very flawed character bu [...]

    6. My very first Christian fiction novel and boy, did Sherri bring it! I thought it would be the typical husband-caught-cheating-with-wife's-best-friend drama but OMGa dude?!? LOL. Didn't see that coming.The raw emotional reactions of the characters was authentic. Monica smashing the house up and wanting to obliterate Kevin depicts the extent of how hurt she was. Despite being the Christian woman she was, she was also human. Cussing Kevin out then calling on God to help her , I thought kept her rea [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this book. The author drew me in like I was part of the story- feeling the anger, resistance, laughter and pity for each of the characters. Each character was well developed yet did not take away from Monica, the main character and her husband, Kevin. This was a touchy subject to write about, yet it is modern day reality. I think the author did a great job in giving details but not making it trashy or disrespectful to heterosexuals or homosexuals. Even though the subject was abo [...]

    8. Loved this book. Like the other reviews it brought tears, laughs, smiles, anger. it was a well written book. It is a book of forgiveness, relationship, marriage, love, friendship, re-inventing yourself, trusting and faith. This book made me think. I found myself going from "there's no way I could do this" to " I wonder if I could do this?" It is symbolic of "The Church" today and "christians " today (in so many ways about so many things from homosexuality to witnessing and walking in Faith). My [...]

    9. A brave effort by Sherri L. Lewis, My Soul Cries Out explores issues of the "self" in relation to the temptations of the flesh, emotions, business and marriage. This book dealt with bisexuality in African-American men from an Apostolic church view. Praying in the spirit, speaking in tongues, and prophesying were explored, not God's sovereignty and the Gospel. A lot of emphasis was placed on the importance of the Bible but the way the main character handled adversity read more like a non-Christia [...]

    10. I love this book. Sherri is an amazing writer. She is also a good friend of mine, so I am tremendously biased. She wrote a book with a controversial theme. She tackled it biblically and responsibly. Her characters are real. Their emotions are deep and at the end you are excited about the resolve. This is an amazing book. She is an amazing writer! Also, see DANCING WITH DESTINY! Love! Love. LOVE!! SHERRI LEWIS!

    11. Two people coming together ask one, and then the most hurting happen, you catch your husband in the bed, witrh someone and you do what? Do you leave or stay? which one would you do? This novel jsut wasn't for me I couldnt get my soul into it something was left out? I understand you forgive but you don't forget.

    12. Amazingly written, amazingly inspiring and I am amazingly moved. There are so many times we read Christian fiction and it not touch the issues of today or the real Christian and this book did it all. I felt so many emotions reading this, like God was trying to remind me of something I am forever moved.

    13. I wasn't sure that I was going to like this b/c I honestly tend to ignore books that focus on this controversial topic. However after I read the first chapter excerpt online I decided to read it and. I AM SO GLAD I MADE THAT DECISION. I smiled, I frowned, I laughed, I cried, and I read this book in one night!

    14. I have just found a new favorite Chritian writer! This book was so awesome, spiritual, heart-wrenching, funny and thought provoking. When I got to the last page I wanted to read it all over again! If you have had any struggles with why you believe what you believe and needed real answers this books offers a litany of answers. Definitely one of my favorites.

    15. Excellent book. I learned about the struggles of homosexuals in the church. I learned not to judge, but to pray for these people. I learned that God can heal any situation in a marriage where there is love.

    16. The author did a good job of writing with an authentic voice. Talking about sexual things while keeping a book PG is a challenge. She did a wonderful job with character development, and there were a few moments where I really didn't know how things were going to end up.

    17. Awesome, yet heartwrenching story. The author does an excellent job of tapping into an issue that is normally addressed behing closed doors. Be careful because this story has the potential to take you on a very emotional journey.

    18. This book had so many powerful themes; Love, forgiveness, trusting God, health, dealing with sexual sinIt was great to see how it all came together at the end. This book kept me engaged the entire time. I read it in two days.

    19. I liked how she handled the situation with her husband. Instead of making a rush decision, she took some time out and removed herself from the situation to analyze everything and make a complete sound decision on her situation without anyone influencing her.

    20. Initially I was somewhat skeptical about this book, however I truly enjoyed it! The characters were well developed and you felt their struggles! Well done ,Sherri L.Lewis!

    21. I read the first 10 pgs or so and then just read the last 5 pgs. The book's summary kinda leads to figure out the ending of the story.

    22. This book was really good. I could not put it down and even though I didn't like the ending I will still give it five stars.

    23. It's a good book. But,I'm the forgiven type. But,I can't stay w/a man who has cheated on me; and especially if he has cheated on me w/another guy.

    24. A great love story, the writer demonstrate ways in which God can do what man can't do alone using everyday life. Fabulous ending !

    25. I absolutely love this book!! I've read more than half of the book in 2 days and will finish it tonight so I can start on something else. Will write more when I'm done. I highly suggest this book.

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